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How We’re Different

Our Impact Wealth Innovations office is led by Nancy Cruz Versoza. Nancy’s unique background, credentials and experience allows our firm to stand out from others in the area.

As a first-generation immigrant from the Philippines, Nancy has unparalleled insight into the financial needs immigrants in the United States face every day. Individuals and families who arrive here with next-to-nothing, and aren’t sure where to even begin, rely on Nancy’s firsthand experience. She understands what it’s like to start with nothing and work hard to improve her situation. For others facing a similar scenario, she is an invaluable asset, partner, and advocate.

Nancy also brings an extensive background in real estate and mortgage lending to the firm. This affords her with a vantage point to planning that most advisors will never have. As a top performer and producer at the company, Nancy never stops trying to help her clients succeed. She is always looking to learn more about her industry so she can further improve her service to clients. She earned her Certified College Funding Expert (CCFS) designation as a way to solidify her knowledge and expertise in college planning.

Our firm stands out thanks to the background, experience, commitment and credentials of our President and CEO, Nancy Cruz Versoza.